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Side-scan sonar

A side-scan sonar produces an image of the seabed and of the objects on it, similar to a photograph. Sound waves of a particular frequency are emitted under water using a transducer and are reflected back to the transducer by the sea bottom or by underwater obstructions. The signals are converted to produce an image showing the sea bottom and any underwater objects on it. As an example, some images of the sunken ferry „Jan Heweliusz“ are shown below.

                    Superstructure                                              Hull                                           Side view

Side-scan-sonar-image of the sunken ferry "Jan Heweliusz" Superstructure |  Side-scan-sonar-image of the sunken ferry "Jan Heweliusz" hull |  Side-scan-sonar-image of the sunken ferry "Jan Heweliusz" side view

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