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According to Order 1 of the IHO S-44 standard, the following requirements have to be met in water depths from 0 to 50 metres:

  • Positioning accuracy                5m to 15m
  • Depth accuracy                          0,5m to 0,8m
  • 100% bottom search                in selected areas
  • System detection capability     cubic features 2 x 2 x 2m in depths up to 40 m

The biggest challenge doubtless is the reliable detection of cubic features of >2 m. High sensor resolution in connection with adequate speed are needed to ensure that an object can be identified by several echoes. In comparison, positioning accuracy and depth accuracy are lesser problems and will not be dealt with in more detail here.
A width of up to 4 nautical miles has been determined for the main shipping routes, narrowing in the direction of the ports. The recommended maximum width of 6 nm is not required in the German part of the Baltic Sea.The areas thus obtained were subdivided into sections each of which is subject to particular surveying requirements, based on the following main criteria:

  • Importance of the route
  • Depths
  • Availability of survey data
  • Seabed dynamics

The following graph shows, in green, the survey areas thus obtained.

The graph shows, in green, the survey areas thus obtained.

The total size of the survey areas is 3,870 km². Depth data according to Order 2 of S-44 are available for well over half of that area. The required surveys are planned to be completed by the end of 2008.
The graph shows that the Danish maritime boundary cuts across some route sections in an unfavourable way. The shape of the survey sections has been improved in co-ordination with the colleagues of the Danish Hydrographic Office.

The picture shows the bottleneck „Kadetrinne“ with strong vertical exaggeration





The picture shows the bottleneck „Kadetrinne“ with strong vertical exaggeration


We are also planning to co-operate with Poland. The activities will be co-ordinated on an annual basis with the Stralsund Waterways and Shipping Board.



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