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The baroclinic 3D ocean circulation model BSHcmod running at several interactively nested grids is the core of the system. The horizontal resolution is about 900m in the German Bight and the western Baltic Sea, while the rest of the North and Baltic Sea is covered with a resolution of about 5 km. The vertical model resolution is 35 levels in the North and Baltic Sea and 25 levels in the German Bight and the western Baltic Sea. Due to the high resolution and the implemented drying-and-flooding algorithm the complicated dynamics of the Wadden Sea can be simulated as well as the water exchange between the coastal zone and the open North Sea. The simulation of the thermodynamics includes a treatment of the sea floor and sea ice which is an important characteristic of the Baltic Sea during wintertime. A very high resolution model version (90m grid spacing) has been implemented to improve the forecasts for the highly complex area of the Tidal Elbe. This version is already based on the next generation circulation model code BSH-HBM. HBM means HIROMB-BOOS-MODEL, which is applied and developed in close co-operation of partners from Denmark (DMI), Finland (FMI), Estonia (MSI) and Germany (BSH).
The ocean forecasts for North- and Baltic Sea extend over a period of 72 hours whereas forecasts for the Tidal Elbe can only be provided for 48 hours due to the high computational costs of this very high resolution model.
Modellbathymetrie der unterschiedlichen Gitter
Model bathymetry of the various applied model grids   
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