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Plan approval and On board survey


Plan approval and On board survey for navigation- and radio equipment

Plan approval

For any newly constructed, modified or refitted ship a plan approval of the ship’s navigation- and radio equipment is required. This plan approval is part of the initial survey. By means of drawings and documents it will be verified, that all requirements regarding arrangement, fitting and installation of the ship’s equipment are complied with. This helps to prepare the ship’s survey and to avoid costly modifications, which might otherwise become necessary.

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On board survey

The plan approval is followed by the initial survey, which will verify that the installation of the ship’s equipment complies with the approved plans and that the items of equipment are as approved and functioning correctly. The testing of equipment is usually performed on board, for some items however, e.g. for compasses and rate gyros, in a laboratory.

Replicate tests, which must be performed periodically, focus not only on the correct functioning of the equipment, but also on modifications which could have been made since the previous survey.

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