SOOP Ship-Of-Opportunity-Programme

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SOOP Ship-Of-Opportunity-Programme


Water temperature measurements of the upper ocean layer

Since 1988 the BSH is engaged in the international ship-of-opportunity-programme (SOOP) with 2 sections
in the Atlantic.The primary target of SOOP is to collect and distribute the measuring of temperature and their
variability in the upper ocean layer due to the requirements of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
of the WMO. The measurements were carried out by XBT-systems partly from research vessels but mostly from
merchant vessels thanks to the cooperative and honorary work of the shipping companies and their crews.

Overview of the AX-03 and AX-11 sections in the North Atlantic

Map section of AX-03 in the North Atlantic Map section of AX-11 in the North Atlantic For further information on the trips, please click on the map section
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