Numerical models

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Numerical models


Simulating the ocean

The BSH operates a system of numerical models which are based on a variety modules. The model is fully operational, model output is used for the marine services offered by BSH,  the monitoring of the marine environment and for oceanographic analysis.

The circulation model  gives daily forecast of currents, water levels, temperature, salinity and ice coverage in the North Sea and Baltic Sea for a 3 day forecast period. The simulation are forced by actual weather information, tidal waves and other waves entering from the Atlantic and fresh water input from larger rivers.

A drift and dispersion model   is available to assist the coast guard during rescue operations of shipwrecked persons or after spills of harmful substances into the sea. The dispersion model is able to distinguish between oil, drifting objects, suspended material and soluable chemicals. An ecological model is under development to be able to model the biochemical-physical interactions and to make predictions on changes in the marine environment.


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