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Wreck search


Modern wreck search methods

Modern sonar equipment such as the side-scan sonar (SSS) or multi-beam echosounder, also called sweep sounding system, are used increasingly in the search for underwater obstructions. SSS produces images of the seabed and of objects on the seabed . The multi-beam echosounder also records the shallowest depth when passing over the object. So-called object search sonars producing an image of the object on the seabed, similar to SSS, are used for searching.

    Single-beam method                            Echosounder record as a result

Single-beam method         |        Echosounder record as a result


    Side-scan sonar method                                        Side-scan sonar image as a result

Side-scan sonar method   |   Side-scan sonar image of a fishing cutter

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