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WOCE Global Hydrographic Climatology

The WOCE Global Hydrographic Climatology WGHC (published as BSH Report 35, 2004) provides a consistent and coherent hydrographic gridded full–depth data set on 45 depth levels with a 0.5° spatial resolution. High quality hydrographic observations from the WOCE one–time and repeat hydrographic cruises with ca. 9000 stations for the period 1990 – 1998 are the modern basis.

The reference observed data set, comprising WOCE and high quality cruises occupied after 1970 (a total of 19867 profiles distributed over 384 cruises) is used to quality control a historical data set of older cruises occupied mostly before 1970 and profiles not included in the high–quality subset (a total of 1 039 668 profiles distributed over ca. 42 000 cruises).

For the WGHC climatology the original profile data have been isopycnically averaged using optimal interpolation. Seven parameters subjected to a strict quality control are given: temperature, potential temperature, salinity, oxygen, silicate, nitrate, phosphate.

The WGHC climatology is available as two CD–ROM ISO images containing both observed and gridded data, respectively.

CD–ROM–1: contains all observed profile data used for this climatology. There are 169 data files, each file including profiles from a 1–degree–latitude zone. Download here.

CD–ROM–2: contains objectively analysed all–data–mean profiles for one–half–degree squares for the Global Ocean on 45 standard depth levels extending from the sea surface to 6000 meter depth. The data are split into 6 files, each file representing a 59.5–degree longitude sector of the World ocean. Download here

Note: Iso files can be mounted on Linux systems by means of the loop device, under Windows as virtual CD-Roms. After successful mount the data files are accessible in the usual way. If the downloaded file does not appear on the Desktop under MAC OSX then move it thereto. Once on the Desktop the file can be opened just like a CDROM by clicking and the finder will open its contents.

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