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A project for the automated analyses of nutrients and organic micropollutants in hydrographically high variable sea areas


(SAMSON = Stationsgestütztes Automatisches Monitoring von Schad- und Nährstoffen in Ostsee und Nordsee)

A BMBF research project to improve marine environmental monitoring

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This is the SAMSON page of the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, Germany), which operates a Marine Environmental Monitoring Network (MARNET) in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. By clicking on the links below, you will learn more about the different aspects of this automated marine monitoring system.


What is the purpose of automated monitoring of chemical compounds in the marine environment? Content and targets of the project plus the current situation concerning the technical development and the scientific documentation.


How is automated monitoring of chemical compounds in the marine environment implemented technically? Explanation of the technical components (nutrient analysers, automatic sampler and data management system).


Practical experiences and results with the automatic nutrient analysers (APP) and the automatic sampler for organic micropollutants (EPOS), as well as time series of nutrient data.


Report of the former CANVAS project, which was launched at the BSH in May 1997 and ended in March 2000.

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