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Ice Service


The Ice Service - committed to the safety and ease
of navigation for over 100 years now


First ice formation: strips of grease ice and slush

Shuga with brash ice and ice cakes

Up to 10 cm thick elastic crust of ice with finger rafting

Boundary of Nilas (< 10 cm) and grey ice (thickness 10-15 cm) with rafting

  •  provides customer oriented, competent service
     offers latest data and advice
     provides information on local, regional, and global scales  
  • Our products are
     ice reports, ice charts, and station reports using the Baltic Sea Ice Code
     information on icebreakers and restrictions to navigation
     satellite images and derived thematic maps
  • Our ice archive and databases contain all required data for expert opinions on sea ice,
    navigational planning, and ice climatology.
  • Using these data an ice atlas of the western and southern Baltic was produced.
    The printed version (A3 format) has a price of 40€.
    As pdf it can be downloaded free of charge and is available in
    English and German.

    Using these data an ice atlas for the German Bight and Limfjord was produced.
    The printed version (A3 format) has a price of 40€.

  •  We are co-operating closely with
     the governmental Ice Services of the northern hemisphere
     the international committees BSIM and IICWG
     other related institutions  
  •  Here you find the ICE REPORT - Amtsblatt des BSH,  
     91th volume - season 2017/18 -
     which is indispensable for the planning and conduct of ice  navigation
     in the North and Baltic Seas  
  •  Ice Information in ECDIS

Broken and partly rafted grey ice (10-15 cm) with ship track

Ridged ice with small floes of level grey-white ice (15-30 cm)

Ridge in level grey-white ice (15-30 cm)

Swedish icebreaker YMER in ridged thin white ice (30-70 cm)

German icebreaking multi-purpose vessel NEUWERK in 50-70 cm thick fast ice

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