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Information concerning predictions of astronomical tides

In future, the BSH will publish its tidal predictions on the Internet for three-day periods only. This decision was made against the background that the BSH has to recover part of its considerable expenses for data collection and processing through proceeds from its sales of tide tables and calendars and by charging fees for the use of BSH tidal data for commercial purposes.

Tidal predictions for an entire year covering the German Bight and its estuaries are published by the BSH in its handy Gezeitenkalender (tide calendar). The Gezeitentafeln (tide tables), which are also published once a year with tidal predictions for the European waters, provide more detailed information than the Gezeitenkalender and contain not only the computed times of low and high water but also the predicted water levels. Both the Gezeitenkalender and Gezeitentafeln are available in bookshops or from the BSH’s official distribution agents.

The Usage fees for tidal data , the order form and the general terms and conditions for the delivery and use of tidal data are only accessable in German.

Tidal predictions


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