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ENC Distributors


The purpose is to ensure worldwide supply of ENCs


Each country produces data for its own area of jurisdiction, i.e. the internal waters, coastal sea, and continental shelf.
It is the purpose IHO's WEND concept (Worldwide Electronic Navigational Chart Database) to establish a network of standardized ENCs meeting the requirements of international maritime transport.

In Europe, two Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Coordinating Centres (RENC) exist presently which receive ENCs from the national hydrographic services, fit them into the total body of data, and distribute them to the end-users via authorized distributors.


IC-ENC in Taunton, UK

The official digital data (ENCs) of the BSH for ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) are distributed by the IC-ENC (International Centre for ENCs) in Taunton, UK.


The IC-ENC in Taunton distributes the ENCs via VARs (Value Added Reseller). Those are:









Primar Stavanger

The second RENC for distribution of ENCs is PRIMAR Stavanger in Norway.


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