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Allgemeine Angaben über das wissenschaftliche Programm

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Ab Biological aphotic zone studies (biological studies in waters deeper than several hundred meters)
ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ASI Air-sea-interaction
Att Attenuation
Att (a) Attenuation of air
B Bottom sample
Ba Bathymetry
Bac Bacteriology
Bd Biological dredge
Be Benthos
Bf Bottom photography
Bo Botany
Bt Bathythermograph or X-BT
C Coring
CFCs Chlorofluorocarbons
Ch Chemistry
Ch (air) Air chemistry
CIE Chromyticity coordinates
Cm Current measurements (by direct methods, such as GEK, current meters, drogues, Swallow floats, etc.)
CO" Carbon dioxide
Ctd Conductivity-Temperature-Depth
D Dredging
Dd Dye diffusion
DNP Declared National Programme
Do Descriptive oceanography (measurement of temperature, salinity and other dissolved substances required for computation of gestrophic currents and description of water properties)
Dv Diving
F Fish sampling
Fm Fish migration
Fr Fisheries research (exploratory fishing, bionomics, sampling, selectivity, gear experiments, tagging, etc.)
Ge Gear experiment
Gg GeoGmlogy and geophysics (coring, dredging, seismic studies, heat flow, gravimetric, magnetic measurements etc.)
Gm Geomorphology
Gr Grab
Grav Gravity
Gs Coastal geodatic survey
HF Heat flow
Hm Heavy metals
HyS Hydrosweep
Inst Instrument development
IRI Infra Red Interferometry
Irr Irradiance
MB Microbiology
Mc Mapping and charting (coastal surveys and deep ocean charting)
MCS Multichannel seismic reflection
MDR Multidrug Resistant
Mg Geomagnetic
Mt Meteorology (upper air observations, meteorological research - surface weather observations included under "Do")
N Neuston
Nt Nutrients
OBS Ocean Bottom Seismographe
O2 Oxygen
P Pollution
Pa Paleontology
PaS Parasound
Pr Primary production
Pro Current profiler
Ps Plankton studies (phyto- and zooplankton research including fish eggs and larvae, standing crop and primary production, associated measurements or observations mainly in the biological euphotic zone)
Qm Quantameter
Ra Radiological observations
ROV Remote Operating Vehicle
Sa Salinity
SCS Single channel seismic reflection
Sd Sedimentology
Se Seston
Sei Seismology
Sl Sea level
Sm Suspended matter
SR Seismic refraction
SSS Side Scan Sonar
SST Surface Skin Temperature
Std Salinity-Temperature-Depth device
Sv Sound velocity
T Temperature
Ta Tagging
Th Thermistor chain
Ti Tides
Tr Transparancy
Tur Turbidity
TV Underwater television
U Underwater acoustics
V Visibility
W Waves
Xt Sub-surface tow
YS Yellos Substance
Z Zoology

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