Approval of ballast water management systems

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Approval of ballast water management systems


At the time of adopting the BWM Convention, there was no suitable treatment technology available to meet the strict D-2 standard. In the meantime, various systems and technologies have been developed and constructed by manufacturers worldwide, which have already undergone (or are currently undergoing) the complex type approval process by the competent national authorities required by the relevant IMO Guidelines, as well as an additional approval process by the IMO – in case that active substances are used for treatment in the ballast water management systems.

In Germany, under Arts. 5, para. 1, no. 4c, 1 no. 16, Seeaufgabengesetz (Federal Maritime Responsibilities Act), the BSH is the competent authority for measures to prevent the introduction of alien species by ships, and thus also for the approval of ballast water management systems. The approval procedure comprises comprehensive test and inspection procedures and is based on the IMO Guidelines for the Approval of Ballast Water Systems (G8) and Guidelines for the Procedure for the Approval of Ballast Water Treatment Systems that Use Active Substances (G9). The BSH has issued several type approvals for ballast water management systems.

Information about the type approval procedure:

Type approval
Type approval certificates
Requirements for ballast water management systems for ships flying the German flag

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