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DOD database


At present the data base covers about 8 500 cruises, with the data from some 300,000 stations - altogether more than 26 million records. The data covers physical variables such as temperature and salinity, O2, chemical variables like, e.g., nutrients and the organic, inorganic and radiochemical components of sea water, and physical and chemical variables in sediment.

The data base scheme encompasses a large amount of meta-information at different levels, e.g. a Cruise Summary Report (CSR) for each cruise, information about measured variables and the methods used, quality assurance, and intercomparison exercises. Each of the measured data can be linked to meta-information, including information at other structural levels. At present, data bases for sediment, water and contaminants in organisms are in operation. The data base for sea water covers casts, time series as well as CTD/XBT profiles.

A menu-based interface guides the user to the desired information. Starting points are either the cruise, the station or the data level. It is, of course, also possible to retrieve information by SQL. The criteria for database retrieval are dependents of space and time, measured variables, and sampling and analysis methods. The retrieved information can be exported for further data processing in a format readable by many PC based tools. In the near future, the data export facilties will be implemented either into standard formats or into an interface for biological data.

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