Prediction models

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Prediction models


The operational model system at BSH

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A comprehensive numerical forecasting system for the physical state of the North and Baltic Sea is operated at BSH. Based on this operational model system forecasts for water level, currents, temperature, salinity and sea ice are produced and archived on a daily basis which provide essential input to drift and dispersion models applied on demand.

Model architecture grafically
Model system at BSH. For more information click on a model.
A variety of products is derived from the ocean forecasts which provide essential support to BSH internal services like the water level prediction and storm surge warning service or the ice service as well as to several national institutions, e.g., the Central Command for Maritime Emergency Germany, the German Navy or the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger. Moreover various users are supplied with model derived products in form of images, tables or file download.

Overview operational models

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