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The Deutsches Ozeanographisches Datenzentrum (DOD) has a policy of open and easy access to the data and information.
The Data Service to the public is an experimental service aimed at putting this policy into practice.
For all datasets, access is granted free of charge (commercial companies are charged for retrieval costs) on condition that the user agrees:
  1. data are for your scientific use, in particular it is not allowed to use them for any commercial purpose, and shall not be forwarded to third party without notice of DOD;
  2. to acknowledge the source of the data in all publications and applications;
  3. to help improve the quality of the data by noting and reporting any errors or omissions discovered;
  4. to help improve the quality of the Data Service by giving feed back on functionalities and data packaging;
  5. to help improve the co-ordinated use of data by informing DOD about applications, which use data;
  6. to help improve the efficiency of our reporting by supplying us with documented digital copies of data and information derived from the data, so that it can be re-used by the Agency with reference to the source;
  7. to supply DOD with a copy of /URL to all publications and other products based on the datasets;



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