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This site wants to foster the use of ice information in ECDIS systems. In a first step the German ice service at the BSH will start (in winter 2012/13) to regularly deliver their regular ice charts also in three different formats suitable for ECDIS systems:

AML = additional military layer
MIO = marine information overlay
S-100 Ice = an experimental S-100 format

The second step is to develop a final versionof the IHO S-10x ice information document. This will discussed in october within the IICWG and later within ETSI (and IHO+IMO). Comments from ECDIS stakeholders are also very welcome. At the moment there are two main work topics:

The data format. We have choosen an XML approach which is also used in other S10x drafts and much in compliance with OGC standards. There is also a rough viewer and a converter from Sigrid-3 is ready. There is still a lot of detailed work to do, but the hope is that there will not be much need for discussion about the general aspects of the data format.

Portrayal. The details of how to build an S-100 compliant portrayal are still being discussed within IHO. However our view is that, for ice, a simple lookup table is sufficient. This can easily be written into any model the IHO finally comes up with. In our view, we can have also several portrayals in S-10x ice. One for official ECDIS but also others such as the WMO portrayal we are now using (e.g. for use in an E-Navigtion screen wich is not the IMO-ECDIS screen). Most discussion is probably needed on how the ECDIS representation should really look (e.g. very close ice as a transparent area in light mauve?). We will show some of our ideas at the IICWG, but it would be helpful if others can also think about their preferences. Please go here to proceed.


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