Sound reception systems

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Sound reception systems


Project for the study of sound reception systems

Under SOLAS Chapter V, sound reception systems are required to be carried on board ships with closed bridges and on board high speed craft (HSC Code)

In Resolution MSC.86(70), Annex 1 (Performance Standards for Sound Reception Systems), IMO defines the basic requirements for sound reception systems. The performance standards are very generally worded, as is the ISO draft „Sound reception systems“, ISO/TC8/SC5 N359. The standard is not yet technically mature because sufficient experience is not yet available.

Against this background, the BSH initiated a project for the study of sound reception systems. The purpose of the project entitled „Research on sound reception systems“ was to assess the cost/benefit ratio of installing systems for the automatic detection of sound signals including the determination of sound direction taking into account the particular ambient conditions on board ships.

The project results are:

  1. detailed technical specifications for sound reception systems and realistic procedures for shipboard and laboratory testing;
  2. development and description of a prototype meeting the specifications, on the basis of which recommendations for an improvement of sound reception systems can be published and provided to manufacturers.

Knowledge gained in the course of the project will become part of ISO standards and IMO performance standards and will help to improve these standards. The goal is to ensure that sound reception systems launched on the market meet practical requirements and IMO ship safety requirements, and that they can be type-tested and approved using standardised test methods.

Documentation on the „Research on sound reception systems“ project is available from the BSH.
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